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Delhi-based vlogger travels with ₹500, a camera and Tiranga!

Are you holding yourself from being on the road because of budget constraints? Learn from Delhi-based travel blogger Afsaar Malik who believes one doesn’t have to always shell out money to view what the world has to offer!

The YouTuber shares how he travels smoothly across state and national borders, thanks to the generosity of people who don’t mind giving him a free ride. “I don’t need much in life. All that matters is a shelter at the end of the night some morsels to get me through the day. Ye monks wala lifestyle shuru se hi appeal karta raha hai,” shares the 29-year-old, who has gained popularity with his online channel, Travel Without Money.

The travel bug bit him long ago, but this solo venture took shape out of stress during the Covid-era anxiety. “I used to work as an accountant at a Delhi-based firm,” says Malik, who has now made travelling without money a huge passion project. “I have travelled over 1 lakh kilometres since 2020. Lekin jitni bhi duniya dekh lo, kam hi lagti hai. Maine Manali se loop shuru karke Ladakh ka tour pichle do saalon mein do baar kiya hai — 2021 mein 30 days mein and 2022 mein 50 days mein. Pehli trip mein kareeb 180-200 kharch huye thay, dusri mein paise nahi lage.”

Traelling across the length and breadth of the country, Malik says what keeps him going is his love to meet new people. “One meet all kinds of people when one goes for hitchhike. Ek din sant ke saath gyaan seekhne ko milta hai toh agle din gaon waalon ke saath unka culture. There would be a day when I would be with the truck drivers, clinking glasses with them alongside a bonfire,” shares Malik, adding, “Main bas saal ke 30-40 days ghar mein reh leta hun. Baki ke din khuli sadak aur nayi manzil hi meri life hai.”

The heart of this youngest child in a family of four children, is tied to his zestful travels. “All my elder siblings are married, but I don’t feel the need to have my roots anywhere just yet. There’s still a long way to go. The remote villages of Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh are waiting with untold stories for every traveller… Itna remote hona chahiye taaki bheed se dur rahein, lekin duniya se cut off na ho. Achhi lighting aur achhi kahaniyan, bas issi tarah mera banjarapan chalta hai.”

But, does he feel the same about travelling on foreign shores? “Hitchhiking is easier in India. The people here are friendly, and always more benevolent upon seeing a familiar face. India ke bahar itna aasan nahi hota to travel without money. It is, however, also true that every place has its own culture,” he adds.

Always on the go, Malik is now ready to explore some more of the untrodden terrains with his trusty backpack filled with a few clothes, a safety kit, 500 emergency cash, a camera, and the Indian flag. He shares: “Mera Tiranga humesha mere saath rehta hai!”

Author tweets @KritiKambiri

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