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Career-wise: A Guide to Kickstart Your Career as a Cosmetologist

One can be a part-time cosmetologist and keep other jobs (Representative image)

One needs to develop a liking for the field. Without the same, you aren’t going far and will get frustrated quickly. One must gain experience by working at reputed places as an apprentice


As the board exam results are being announced, students are ready to transition from schools to colleges. The first step in this transition is to make a career choice. To help you in selecting the right professional path for you, every week we explore new professional avenues for you. Bring a unique career and a roadmap that can help you take up a job in that profession. If you have any other queries or have a course or career you want us to explore, write to us on Twitter at @News18dotcom.

When a mass close to 84 crores who constitute India’s population between 15 to 60 years of age demand to look good, you don’t look anywhere else but cosmetology to be there and milk the opportunity that’s there for a long time. These are the statistics of India of 2022 and speak volumes of what a platter exists for cosmetologists. That brings us to the question. Who is a cosmetologist?

The nearest dictionary-equivalent spells that as the one who studies and applies beauty treatment to all those asking to look good if not plainly pleasant. Another way of putting it is that it’s a science that makes people look good and has many branches, therapies, and treatments that put together help make one look radiant, inside out. Its scope thus extends to treating the hair, skin, and parts of the body and extends to even parts of healthcare where the latter concerns beauty.

As such a cosmetologist is an expert who specialises in skin and beauty care, make-up, and hair care. Under the over-arching canopy of what a cosmetologist does, occupations include hairstylist, beautician, skin-care specialist, make-over artist, nail-art specialist, eye-brow specialist, and so on.

How does one become a Cosmetologist?

Becoming a cosmetologist involved a mix of liking the field, the ability to handle customers, irate or otherwise, experience, and most of all, a formal qualification. The last though a requirement of immense importance is a bit tricky given that there are no government-mandated courses while there are so many courses in the market that speak of turning one into an expert cosmetologist but have no recognition. That said, cosmetology courses from those known in the field are the best bet to becoming an expert in the field.

One needs to develop a liking for the field. Without the same, you aren’t going far and will get frustrated quickly. One must gain experience by working at reputed places as an apprentice. Do not insist on being paid because competition may cut margins really thin and the employer may not be able to pay you. What’s important is to acquire the knowledge and the right training.

Educational Qualification

Get the right qualification in terms of a diploma from a recognised place. Keep upgrading yourself by doing courses every now and then. Do more and more challenging work.

With 84 crores of those looking for skin, hair, and general beauty solutions, there’s a lot that can be done for a lot of people. A cosmetologist, be it a skin-care specialist, hair stylist, nails specialist or healthcare professional can find employment in the remotest village, town, or hamlet. That said, big cities have more demand with wider needs and pay more. But these days, cosmetologists can find employment in tier 2 and 3 cities as well and needn’t always be there in bigger cities, where competition is more and so are costs.

It’s open to everyone with an interest. One can be a part-time cosmetologist and keep other jobs. What is important is interest and not qualifications. While a full-style salon is one thing, cosmetologists can operate from homes and smaller places and still make a living. OTT platforms in India are showing the way for a lot of cosmetologists to follow a lot of actors. With time and experience, one can get constant employment and lots of money. Image consultancy is another area, a cosmetologist with the right experience can make a mundane look magnificent.

— Written by Nandan Gijare, Founder Director, I2CAN (Indian Institute of Cosmetology, Aesthetics, and Nutrition)

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