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Career Horoscope Today for Nov 22, 2023: Follow these tips for new job offers

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Aries: You are assessing the calibre of your work too harshly. The lesson for today is to acknowledge even the little things you accomplish because sometimes we are our own worst critics. By concentrating on your skills, talents, and accomplishments, you’ll feel more positive about yourself. Talk to your family members if you are under too much stress. They will give you the assurance that you have needed for long.

Taurus: Due to your busy and fast-moving job, you’ll be in the mindset to employ various shortcuts in order to achieve the anticipated gains. In order to succeed, you will plan and carry out all of your efforts that will need you to overcome all obstacles. But some shortcuts might not work, so tread cautiously. Individuals looking for a job should be patient while looking for opportunities.

Gemini: Your work projects can take you abroad and will prove successful in advancing your career. It will also make work more enjoyable, so you’ll feel the energy to dedicate yourself fully. Those who have recently joined a new company would feel a little pressurised with all the work. This could also affect your mental health, so avoid stressing out. Ease yourself by doing things one step at a time. Don’t worry, you’ll sail through!

Cancer: You may be troubled by the multiple events that are happening in your career. It will take a lot of work to formulate a strategy on how to make things better. Feeling stuck is very normal! Take advice from your superiors so that your efforts don’t go in vain. With their experience and knowledge, you’ll be able to get out of the mess quickly. Learnings from this journey will be beneficial in the long run.

Leo: Work is keeping you busy and distracted from the personal matters that are affecting your mental health. Staying focused has given you a lot of gains. You are financially secure thanks to a pay rise you earned via hard effort. If you continue to put in the necessary action, get ready for additional responsibilities! Your employees might envy your success and could attempt to bring you down. But nobody can stop you as long as you work diligently.

Virgo: Communicate with your colleagues to make effective professional relations. Expanding your professional network will bring fruitful opportunities. This might help you in switching your career if need be. Grasp all the learnings and experiences from your current job, which will become a base for your career goals. If employment opportunities aren’t coming your way, don’t be discouraged. Keep honing your talents in the meantime.

Libra: Instead of continuously correcting yourself, take pride in your accomplishments. Don’t be too hard on yourself; questioning your work will create confusion in your mind. Your stars predict that your manager will appreciate the work you’ve been putting in. This will motivate you to work even harder. Unemployed people should figure out what’s not working out for them. If your skills need to fit with the job market, enrol in professional courses.

Scorpio: Don’t get dragged into office politics, as it might tarnish your reputation. Jealousy amongst colleagues will create a negative atmosphere in your workspace. You might be captivated by the office gossip, but avoid getting drawn to it. Indulging in these situations can negatively affect your performance at work. Job seekers might get a few calls from the companies they were dreaming of getting into.

Sagittarius: Taking baby steps in your job will serve as the foundation for your success ladder in your professional life. Before going forward, there will be a lot of limitations, but persistent work will open doors for your career endeavours. If you are a business owner, make sure that your employees are motivated to work hard. Introduce some perks for the employees who are genuinely putting in effort to make your company a success.

Capricorn: Your ignorance at work may lead to misunderstandings. Thus, you must maintain a focused and upbeat attitude at work. Your career needs attention and dedication, and this can happen if you start taking things seriously. Don’t let the slip-up at work affect your image. If you’ve done something wrong, fix it immediately without getting into arguments. Just the right amount of effort and things will fall into place again.

Aquarius: Today is a big day for you as you’re about to give an interview for the first time. Nervousness is normal before an interview, but remember that you have the academic qualifications and the skills that are fit for this job. Don’t focus on the outcome; just give your best and forget the rest. Even if you don’t get the job, many opportunities await you. The world is not ending for unemployed people!

Pisces: You’ll find the confidence to submit your request for a raise today. For a long time, you have been putting in a lot of effort, which is somehow being unrecognised by your boss. Individuals should find career opportunities that align with the future they are aiming for. Your family knows that you want to get settled in life personally and professionally. If you are planning to get married, your job should bring in financial security.


Neeraj Dhankher

(Vedic Astrologer, Founder – Astro Zindagi)



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