Woman makes desperate plea to allow husband to work from office! Industrialist Harsh Goenka’s hilarious tweet goes viral


New Delhi: While on one hand, the phenomenon of remote working or work from home has become the new norm in the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, some stories are over-the-top funny.

One such hilarious post has been shared by Harsh Vardhan Goenka, the current chairman of RPG Group conglomerate.

The Industrialist has shared the desperate plea of a woman to allow husband to work from office via a tweet.

She writes in his post that her husband is fully vaccinated and will maintain full COVID protocols while at work.

The reason why she wants her husband to get back to office for work is because of his incessant demand for coffee and food, leaving the work room in a messy state and falling asleep during work calls.

Goenka’s twitter post has gone viral and has since garnered more than 5,300 tweets and over 480 retweets.

With most companies continuing work from home for the foreseeable future, remote working is certainly taking a huge toll on this woman’s life (pun intended)!

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