Total Power Generation Dips In 2021-22, Eastern Region Shows Growth


Total power generation in the country has dipped in 2021-22, but eastern region showed growth

Total power generation across the country was lower by 2.9 per cent till October 13 during the current financial year as several parts of the country grappled with coal shortage during the past 10 days and fears of power outages loomed, forcing the government to issue clarifications that the situation was under control and that there has been record production of dry fuel during 2021-22.

According to data released by Central Electricity Authority (CEA), even the nation-wide thermal power generation was also down by 3.64 per cent till October 13 of 2021-22.

Interestingly though, power generation in the eastern region grew by 8.48 per cent during the same period, compared to other regions, which registered a decline of around 5 per cent, CEA data noted.

In fact in the eastern region, despite coal shortage causing power crisis in several pockets, thermal power generation was also higher by 9.54 per cent and output from hydel sources up by nearly one per cent, CEA said.

Power generation in the northern region till October 13 of the current fiscal was down 5.1 per cent while thermal power generation was lower by 6.45 per cent.

Similarly in the western region also, power generation was down 5.06 per cent while thermal power generation too was down by 4.79 percent, according to a CEA report.

The data for the southern region showed that total generation was down by 5.10 per cent while thermal power generation also slipped by 9.81 per cent. 

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