THIS old Rs 1 note can fetch you lakhs of rupees, check how to sell online


New Delhi: Collectors around India are earning lakhs of rupees by selling their old and rare collectable coins and notes. If you also own such notes or coins, you can also rake in real cash real quick. In one such case, an old Rs 1 note is selling for lakhs of rupees on online classifieds platforms such as Olx, Quikr and IndiaMart. 

Old notes and coins are indeed in great demand. So, if wish you to earn quick money, then you should sell Rs 1 note online. Here’s how

When things such as coins and notes get old, they fall into the antique category, which is currently in great demand in the international market. So, in exchange for such coins, numismatics or collectors of old coins and medals as well as notaphilists, who collect old notes, can you decent amounts. 

What’s so special about Rs 1 note that we’re talking about? 

The Rs 1 note in the question is the first note of 1 rupee that was printed on 30 November 1917. The note has a picture of King George 5th. The printing of the note was stopped in 1926 but soon started again in 1940. Such notes are now rare and highly collectable. 

How to sell old coins and notes? 

Step 1: For selling your old currency notes and coins, you first need to register on an online classifieds platform such as OLX. 

Step 2: Create your login ID and password. 

Step 3: Create an online listing for your online note. In this step, you need to upload the pictures of old coins and notes that you wish to sell. You’ll also have to enter details such as how old is the currency and what makes it worthy enough. 

Step 4: After creating the listing, interested buyers will contact you. Kindly negotiate them before selling your valuable old coins and notes. 

Customers can sell their old and collectable notes via other classifieds websites such as CoinBazzar and Quikr, where thousands of buyers are looking to buy valuable currencies. Also Read: KTM RC 125, RC 200 unveiled in India, prices start at Rs 1.82 lakh

Apart from this, on another website, you can auction the note by creating your ID. You will need to share a photo of your note for the auction. Along with this, you can also sell your notes on sites like CoinBazzar and Quikr. Also Read: India 6th most affected country by ransomware in list of 140 countries: Google

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