Social workers ready to fight for economically weak people during COVID-19 crisis


Religious organisations and welfare trusts are rising above division and banding together to support those in need during the pandemic, starting from church to temples to a gurudwara.

Communialism has threatened to take centre stage in the covid-19 narrative in the mainstream and on social media.

However, social workers and others have contributed immensely during pandemic and they have made sure that economically weak people are not left in the lurch.

Apart from this, the church has also conducted number of free marriages for economically poor people and offered rice, vegetables and food during the time of period of covid -19. Associated with number of social works the church also looks towards the upliftment of people. Without any foreign aid or offerings the church has been built with the help of number of devotees from various districts of Andhra Pradesh who partook in the completion of this programme. 

 Bible Mission Gooty Church is situated in Anantpur district of Andhra Pradesh. Founded and established on 31st January 1938 the church is the symbol of faith, integrity and love for many.


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