Shopaccino empowers MSME’s with its all-in-one e-commerce platform


Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the cornerstone of economies throughout the world. Witnessing the growth of the internet and the advent of e-commerce platforms, MSMEs today are growing like never before. Due to constant support from various allied forces like finance and technology, the sector is expected to gain similar returns in the future as well.

According to data cited by the India Brand Equity Foundation, e-commerce is on a great run in India and if the trend persists with an upward growth trajectory, India will surpass the US to become the world’s second largest e-commerce market by 2034. In turn, MSMEs will get a shot in the arm for revenue generation. Understanding the power of e-commerce and the future that lies ahead of it, the central government has also launched various policies such as Skill India, Make in India, Digital India, and Startup India have MSMEs as their primary focus, so that these entities can tap into the immense power and potential of the internet.

To channelize this potential, a tech based startup has put in innovation for these entities while keeping in mind their needs and requirements. Shopaccino through their advanced tools and tactics enables Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs to build their online stores with integrated payment and shipping functions that in turn, helps to reduce potential instances of e-commerce downtime and ensures that you’re maximizing as much sales potential as possible. Data analytics and insights have also been built into the platform to help sellers be more effective in reaching out to their target audience.

The fact that businesses these days run on thin margins and are not happy to pay an additional transactional fee to platforms have led the platform to introduce an integrated module for managing shipping, enabling users to set the areas where their store can deliver and manage shipping charges without paying any additional transaction fees or charges. For digital business owners, selecting the right ecommerce platform is just as important as the quality of the product being sold. Shopaccino’s e-commerce platform helps circumvent these issues by building your ecommerce experiences that are tailored to meet your exact needs.

Moreover, lakhs of artisans, workers, and entrepreneurs nowadays are finding it difficult to cope with the sudden drop in demand, social distancing restrictions, and series of lockdowns imposed at every corner of the county. Witnessing the need to provide help to hundreds of thousands of small to medium enterprises in digitizing their sales and operations throughout India, Shopaccino have been acting as a catalyst for growth and achieving momentum. With the support of Shopaccino, these small enterprises are acting as an engine of growth and economic development.

Vishal Singhal, Founder of shopaccino shares the importance of supporting these small businesses and talks about the ways to deal with the resurgent wave. “Being the fundamental driver of each and every sector, SMEs are the future of developing nations like India and we need to step up and support these businesses in every way possible. Last year witnessed a massive disruption for this sector. Our goal is to empower this emerging sector by prioritizing digitisation and encouraging more firms and organisations to be a part of this digital revolution. With our efforts in the realm, I hope to bring ease in the industry and enable businesses to grow with their online retailing plans as well- helping with e-commerce software, branding, marketing, logistics and analytics.”

Building a great software application is undoubtedly the main objective for any SaaS company. Backed by in-house experts and professionals, Shopaccino envisions to be a key player in driving businesses by making them SEO friendly to ultimately help them in transforming their brand towards growth and development.

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