SEBI Won’t Allow Applications For Virtual Internship After Covid Relaxation


SEBI has said it will not entertain applications for virtual internship after relaxation of restrictions

Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has stated that it will not entertain any application for virtual internship in its legal department after relaxation of Coronavirus related restrictions by the government.

In a notice issued by the markets regulator, it was stated that on relaxation by the government related to complete or partial lockdown and easing of travel restriction due to the pandemic, the internship programme will be as per the eligibility criteria and no application for virtual internship shall be entertained.

SEBI on March 4, 2020, had invited applications for an internship programme in its legal department.

The department heads of the respective law schools were required to submit applications recommending not more than three applicants from their departments during a quarter, the market regulator had said. It had disallowed individual applications

Underlining the criteria for eligibility, SEBI had said at that time that the applicant should be student of a law school or university which is recognised by the Bar Council of India and should have completed at least three years of the five-year LLB course or two years of the three-year LLB course.

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