SBI big update! New charges on cash withdrawal, chequebook from July 1, check details here


New Delhi: State Bank of India (SBI) has announced revision in service charges for its Basic Savings Bank Deposit (BSBD) Account holders.

The Additional Value Added Services will come into effect from July 1, 2021, SBI said.

These SBI charges pertain to cash withdrawal at branches and at ATMs, charges related to Cheque Book, transfer and other non-financial transactions.

For cash withdrawal, at branches charges will be recovered beyond 4 free cash withdrawal transactions (including at Branch & ATM) and at ATMs charges will be recovered beyond 4 free cash withdrawal transaction (including at ATM &Branch).

BSBD account holders will have to follow these charges for cash withdrawal:

Rs 15 plus GST per cash withdrawal transaction at Branch Channel/ATM.

i. SBI ATMs: Rs 15 +GST

ii. Other Bank’s ATMs: Rs 15 + GST

The following charges will be levied for Cheque Book

i. First 10 cheque leaves FREE in a financial year.

ii. Thereafter:

a. 10 leaf cheque Book at Rs. 40/- +


b. 25 leaf cheque Book at Rs. 75/- +


c. Emergency Cheque Book:

Rs. 50/- + GST for 10 leaves or part thereof.

However, Senior Citizen customers are exempted.

The Non-Financial Transactions at Branch Channel/ATM/CDM/ will be free for BSBD account holders in both SBI and other banks. Transfer Transactions of BSBD account holders will be free for branch and alternate channels.


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