Royal Enfield rival Yezdi to be relaunched in 2021 to drive us into nostalgia


After tasting success with the relaunch of the Jawa brand in India in 2018, Classic Legends is now reportedly planning to bring back the Yezdi in the country. Homegrown two-wheeler manufacturer Classic Legends is planning to relaunch Yezdi branded motorcycles in the third quarter of the ongoing financial year. 

The date is likely to be before Diwali so that the brand can cash in on the bumper sales season around the festival. The ‘pre-Diwali’ period is one of the best selling time for motor vehicle makers in India. 

For those uninitiated, Yezdi was a popular bike brand with Road King, Oil King, Classic, CL-II, Monarch, and Deluxe 350, among other models as its top-sellers. The relaunch of the brand can fuel the traction of Classic Legends in the Indian modern-retro bike  

Partially owned by Mahindra Group, Classic Legends is aiming to revive many retro bikes in the Indian modern-retro bike market. The relaunch of Yezdi will also improve the viability of its motorcycles, as the number of outlets and service centres may increase manifold. 

The company, however, was expected to relaunch the bikes a little early. But the delay may have been due to the ongoing pandemic, which is severely impacting the sales of auto vehicles. 

In February 2021, Classic Legends-owned Jawa had launched an updated version of its popular motorcycle forty-two at Rs. 1.84 lakh (ex-showroom) in Indian markets. However, the sales of all Jawa motorcycles are struggling amid the lockdown. 

Recently, executive Director, Auto and Farm Sectors, M&M, said that the business has been down over the last two months due to the pandemic, according to a report by GaadiWaadi

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