Petrol Prices Today, May 30, 2021: Prices remain unchanged after touching Rs 100 in Mumbai, check rates in metro cities


New Delhi: Fuel prices on Sunday (May 30) remain unchanged a day after the per litre petrol touched Rs 100 a litre in Mumbai. Diesel prices have also remained unchanged on May 30. 

Petrol’s price was increased by 25 paise and diesel’s rate by 30 paise per litre on May 29 in Mumbai. Including the recent hike, the per litre price of petrol in the financial capital is Rs 100.19. Meanwhile, diesel is retailing at Rs 92.17 a litre. 

In Delhi, the price of per litre petrol was increased by 26 paise, while diesel’s per litre rate was surged by 28 paise on Saturday (May 29). Petrol is retailing at Rs 93.94 per litre and diesel at Rs 84.89 per litre in the national capital city on May 30. 

Coming to Kolkata, the per litre price of petrol is Rs 93.97 and that of diesel is Rs 87.74 per litre. In Bengaluru, petrol’s price is Rs 97.07 a litre while diesel is retailing at Rs 89.99 a litre. 

In the month of May, petrol and diesel prices have surged by 16 times. On the other hand, there hasn’t been a single cut in the petrol prices in the month. Petrol and diesel prices are retailing at record highs in many cities across India Many businesses are feeling the pinch. 

Founder and CEO, WareIQ, Harsh Vaidya, said, “In the past couple of days, we definitely saw a spike in fuel surcharge from our courier partners which will be applicable to us. However, so far, we didn’t see a direct impact of hiked petrol prices, especially with our current and ongoing service providers as their pricing has remained the same.”

How to check petrol, diesel prices in your 

In India, petrol and diesel prices are revised daily in the morning at 6 AM. Anyone can easily check the rate of petrol and diesel by sending an SMS to 9224992249. All you need to is type RSP <space> Petrol Pump Dealer Code and send it to 9224992249. You can find the RSP code of your locality by visiting the official site of the petrol pump near you. 

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