Petrol price today, Aug 22: Petrol, diesel cheaper by up to 20 paise, check rates in your city


On Sunday (August 22), the petrol prices were reduced by 15 to 20 paise per litre while the rates of diesel were also reduced by 18 to 20 paise across the country. With the recent slash in fuel prices, per litre petrol in Delhi is selling at Rs 101.64 while diesel is retailing at Rs 89.07 per litre. 

Meanwhile, the per litre prices of petrol and diesel were Rs 107.66 per litre and Rs 96.64 per litre in Mumbai. Notably, the financial capital of India, Mumbai, was the first metro city in India, where the petrol prices crossed the Rs 100 mark. 

In Chennai, the petrol prices have been reduced to Rs Rs 99.32 per litre while per litre diesel is now retailing at Rs 93.66 per litre in Tamil Nadu’s capital city. The prices of petrol were also reduced in Chennai by Rs 3, according to a recent announcement by the DMK government.  

Coming to West Bengal, fuel prices have been reduced to Rs 101.93 per litre while diesel is currently selling at Rs 92.13 per litre in Kolkata. Also Read: Is gold hallmarking a success? Check how many pieces of jewellery get hallmarked each day

Petrol prices have been slashed in the country after the rates remained somewhat constant for the past 35 days. On the other hand, diesel prices have been slashed by about 60 paise per litre in the past few days.  Also Read: Delhi metro services affected for 3 hours due to technical issues on Pink Line section

Petrol, diesel prices in cities:

City            Petrol        Diesel 

Delhi            Rs 101.64    Rs 89.07

Mumbai        Rs 107.66    Rs 96.64

Chennai        Rs 99.32    Rs 93.66

Kolkata        Rs 101.93    Rs 92.13

Bengaluru        Rs 105.00    Rs 94.29

Bhopal        Rs 110.00    Rs 97.80

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