No driving test needed to get a licence at RTO: Here’s what you need to know


In order to make obtaining a driving license hassle-free,  the transport ministry has come up with new rules where candidates can get the licence without taking the driving tests. This amended rule by the Union ministry of road transport and highways came into effect on July 1.

The new rules further said that drivers will be given high-quality driving courses and after clearing the test, they won’t be further asked to take driving tests at the time of getting the licence. 

Here’s all you need to know:

The training centres will finally have simulators and it will come with a driving test track for high-quality training to the applicants.

This particular driving course for a light motor vehicle will go on for 29 hours for a maximum of four weeks from the start of the course. The course will further be divided into theory and practice.

The time limit for medium and heavy motor vehicle driving courses in the training centres is 38 hours for six weeks. “These are to be divided into two segments, theory and practical,” the notification said.

The nitty-gritty of the training will be teaching some basics about ethical and courteous behaviour with others on the road.

The training at the centres will not only be limited to light, medium and heavy motor vehicles but will also give industry-specific specialised training. 

The accreditation given to the drivers will be applicable for five years and it can further be renewed. 

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