Motivating people towards staying positive: Rajiv Adatia, Model to Entrepreneur To Motivational Speaker, is a firm believer of spreading happiness around


Helping people in their times of need is the best gift to humanity and constantly working for the upliftment of others is something only a few can do. Rajiv Adatia is one such person. A former model from London, he has been a motivational speaker alongside a businessman. Losing his father at the tender age of 18, life has not been easy for him. From being burdened with the responsibilities of his house to completing his education, he had to juggle things simultaneously. While pursuing his degree in Performing Arts and Psychology, Rajiv Adatia worked hard towards building up a career in modeling and soon became a reputed name in London. Signing up contracts with national and international agencies helped him gain immense popularity and proved as a booster for his career.

After his graduation, Rajiv Adatia engaged himself in the entrepreneurial world and got associated with a wedding decor company, Wed in Style, that he is still a part of. With a hope to establish himself well with this business, he started doing a lot of production activities and worked with many Bollywood and Hollywood artists. His continuous hard work helped him in forming a lot of connections in the Mumbai film industry as well.

It is often said that a satisfied life is much better than a successful one. Even after accomplishing a great name in the management industry, Rajiv Adatia never felt content. He always has a nagging feeling of something missing from his life and felt the need to attain whatever he was yearning for. He always knew that the purpose of his life is to serve others, show compassion towards them and help them overcome their issues. With this as his aim, Rajiv Adatia started working towards motivating people to crawl out of their shelves and understand the bigger objective of their lives.

In a world full of uncertainty, shrewdness and negativity, Rajiv Adatia feels that it has become extremely important to make people follow the path of self-love and positivity. The best way to survive in today’s environment is to keep one’s self-motivated and driven towards the good that life has to offer.

According to Rajiv Adatia, words play a crucial role in forming an individual’s opinion on how to heal themselves and keep away from the unnecessary pessimism around them. The power of words is such that it can help an individual to feel the optimistic vibrations from within and have a positive impact on not only their mind but the soul as well.

Acting as a mediator for people to find their way from negativity to positivity, Rajiv Adatia is helping people to deal with the anxiety they feel. Working with various people in the industry in Mumbai, he plans on using his knowledge to write a book shortly to guide people towards overcoming depression and change their lives for the better. Rajiv Adatia’s motto, “Happier people means healthier people”, has been pushing him towards compassionately lifting people and helping them to win in life. You can connect with Rajiv Adatia on Instagram – @rajivadatia

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