In need of money for COVID crisis? Here’s how to withdraw advance from your PF account using THIS app


If you are running short of money amid the Covid-19 crisis and are a member of the Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) then you might need not worry. You can now easily withdraw 75% of your savings in the PF or three months salary in a few simple steps by applying for ‘corona claim’. 

According to the Ministry of Labour and Employment, there’s no lock-in period for all corona claims, meaning that you can withdraw funds from your PF account even it was set up only a few months before.  

You can also file for a Covid-19 claim even if you have already applied for withdrawing PF due to some other reason or even if any of your loan requests are pending. All PF accounts that have completed their KYC are receiving corona funds within 72 hours of applying. Here’s how you can withdraw corona funds online. 

1.First of all, your UAN number needs to be active and your bank account must be linked to your PF account. 
2. You need to log in to the official EPFO portal: by entering your UAN account number and password. 
3. On the right side, you need to select the employee option, and select the manage tab from the drop-down menu. 
4. On the next page, go to the online services tab and select Form (31, 19, 10C and 10D) option. 
5. You can check your mobile number details, and verify your bank account details.
6. On the next page, select Form number 31, and then tap ‘I want to apply for’. You can now select ‘Proceed for online claim’.  

You can also file a Covid claim on the Umang app. Here’s how you fil it: 

1. You need to download the Umang app and select the EPFO option. 
2. Select ‘Request for Advance (Covid-19)’. 
3.Enter your UAN account details and verify them with an OTP. 
4. Select member Id and enter the last four digits of your bank account number. 
5. Tap ‘Proceed’ and enter your address in the next step. 
6. Now upload a blank cheque to your bank account. 


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