How WeWork Is Prepared To Welcome Workforce Back To Work


WeWork is helping its members and employees transition from working from home to returning to our spaces.

While working from home has its perks, people are excited to get back to their workspaces. The office provides a culture and connection that can’t be replicated via remote working. Flexible workspace provider WeWork understands this and is committed to providing its members and employees with the best work experience.

According to a report by JLL, by 2030, flexible workspaces could comprise 30% of corporate commercial property portfolios worldwide. In line with this, WeWork is flexible enough to offer space as a service.

Karan Virwani, CEO at WeWork India says “We continue to see rising demand for flexible workspaces as corporates relook at their office space requirements. WeWeWork India is providing members with multiple flexible options to suit their needs, whether they are looking to reduce commute time and Work Near Home (WNH) or simply want a change in scenery. We have introduced some effective solutions to help businesses ease into their new routines and get back to the office. These range from safety precautions to new offerings and HR policies to ensure our employees and members adapt to the new normal.”

“Most people are working from home since March 2020 and it has become hectic, add to it the pressure that comes with battling a pandemic. We understand that virtual team meetings can never replicate the sense of community one gets at WeWork. We are excited to get back to work at WeWork, as it creates a workspace where people get the opportunity to collaborate and network. Additionally, we enjoy perks such as wellness classes, discounts, pop-ups, fitness facilities, meals, 24×7 building access, etc. that contributes to the overall wellbeing and employee satisfaction. The safety protocols they have undertaken and the flexible working options they provide are extremely useful and make us feel very much at home but with all the comforts of a workplace.” said Pawan Maini, Regional Director India, Mace Project and Cost Management Pvt Ltd (WeWork member)

Here’s how WeWork is helping its members and employees transition from working from home to returning to our spaces:

Health and Safety Protocols

WeWork prioritizes people’s wellbeing and each location abides by government health and safety regulations. They conduct frequent cleaning of locations and sanitization of equipment drives. Every WeWork space has revised spatial guidelines, seating layouts, and social distancing norms. Infact, WeWork has received the global certification from The British Safety Council, highlighting their efforts in taking stringent risk management to keep all workspaces safe and secure for all members and stakeholders. WeWork also partnered with Dettol to ensure their places are sanitized for the safety of its members and employees.

Flexible Working Options

Below are some latest flexible offerings by WeWork:

  • “WeWork On-Demand” ( WeWork On-Demand is a daily pass launched by WeWork India where an individual can book/pay one-day access to any of the 35 buildings across six key cities at an introductory price of INR 500 + GST. The offering aims to provide WeWork members the comfort of working from an office at a location which is also near to their homes.
  • WeWork Global All Access: WeWork India will offer global access, known as WeWork All Access, to members. This access will provide WeWork members to access any WeWork location across the world.
  • Work Near Home (WNH): WeWork is also offering additional flexible options through the latest Work Near Home model. WeWork provides members with multiple flexible options to suit their needs, whether they are looking to reduce commute time or looking for a change of environment. With this offering, the businesses have a carte blanche to leverage a network of office hubs to distribute teams across the city and manage the occupancy levels in any one hub.

Outdoor Spaces

Working outdoors proves to be more refreshing than working indoors Close to 10 WeWork locations out of 35 across 6 key cities in India offer outdoor spaces with all basic amenities that allow its members to work outdoors. Across these cities, WeWork has 14 designed terraces that can facilitate meals, group meetings, and working individuals.

Employee welfare

At WeWork, a sense of support, community and collaboration lies at the heart of employee experience. WeWork ensures employee satisfaction by prioritizing mental health, providing comprehensive medical insurance that is inclusive of LGBTQ, persons with disabilities and nurtures their aspirations via their Further Education Program. Initiatives like the Employee Assistance Program to provide professional counselling, adding ‘Wellness Leave’ and ‘Impact Leave’ is a way to prioritise their mental wellbeing.

So, don’t wait. Just get back to work at your nearest WeWork!

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