How Oni Seed Co Became a Household Name in LA in Record Time


When it comes to growing high-quality cannabis, few companies come close to the efficiency, taste, and strength that Oni Seed Co provides. In only a handful of years, Oni Seed Co has grown from an unknown company to a household name in the cannabis industry.

After years of developing cannabis strains, Oni Seed Co burst onto the new cannabis scene with excellent stains like Tropicanna Cookies and Papaya hybrid lines. People loved these strains, and they turned into instant classics. After taking part in famous events and competitions like the High Times Cannabis Cup, Chalice Festival, and Masters of Rosin, they won awards that most companies dream of. These awards include the best flower, concentrate, and highest terpene content. This is after only a few years of being in business. Other companies that have been in business for decades struggle to win these prestigious awards. After providing the cannabis community with these mind-blowing strains, Oni Seed Co became a household name.

Oni Seed Co was founded in 2017, and one of the first strains they released was Hells OG. It became an instant classic as thousands of consumers flocked to buy this strain. Oni Seed Co ensures that all its selections are top-quality since they apply the highest level of scrutiny. Other bestselling strains on their website include Hell Hound, Hot Stuff, Sakura, and Yama. These strains are unique to Oni Seed Co and impossible to find anywhere else. In addition to selling the best strains of cannabis on the market, they offer their customers high-quality cannabis apparel. These include hoodies, tee shirts, limited edition art paintings, dab mats, and even stickers.

Given their quick rise to fame in the cannabis industry, their world-renowned strains are definitely worth trying.

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