Here’s how fitness business suffered during COVID-19 pandemic


The fitness business has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, which has kept individuals confined to their homes on and off since March of last year.

Gyms and other fitness centres were seen as one of the places where the virus could spread quickly, likely due to shared machines, towels, a lot of shared space, and the heavy breathing that comes with fitness, so those who wanted to go out and exercise were barred from doing so, at least temporarily.

While this was sufficient for fitness enthusiasts to begin exercising from home, others began to be concerned about their health when the lockdown continued for months last year and they had no choice but to exercise at home.

Not only did fitness applications receive an increase in traffic during the shutdown, but video streaming network YouTube was also overwhelmed with instructions and guides on exercising at home, whether for novices or specialists. Even if the second wave of the pandemic has passed and fitness facilities are reopening in some locations, it appears that, like remote working, exercise at home is here to stay.

Punjab bodybuilder Harminder Dulowal said, “Harminder was in the vanguard of the reformation, introducing fresh ideas and answers. During the pandemic, he assisted many athletes, particularly those who were unable to travel abroad to compete due to financial constraints.” 

He added that he took care of everything, from their travel arrangements to their boarding and housing. Not only that, but he also organises various events for bodybuilders from time to time in order to promote fitness and bodybuilding internationally.

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