Here’s how an old coin with Mata Vaishno Devi’s photo can fetch Rs 10 lakh


Have you ever imagined becoming a billionaire by just having a few coins in your pocket? This dream can come true if you possess coins of 5 and 10 rupees that have a photo of Vaishno Devi. As per the reports, having only one such coin can further change your fortune as you can easily earn Rs 10 lakh.

Coins are considered lucky

In Hindu traditions and culture,  a coin with the image of Vaishno Devi is considered pious. Many people keep those coins in their wallets so that they get the blessings of their mother. It is believed that if you keep these coins always, you can never lose money.

Apart from this, there are several other beliefs that are associated with these coins and primarily people auction to buy the coins of 5 or 10 rupees at the asking price. Both these coins were issued by the government in the year 2002.

Where and how will I get Rs 10 lakh?

Now the question that ponders in our mind is how are we going to get Rs 10 lakh with the help of these coins. There are several bids that are being invited for these coins on Once you go to the site, you will be asked to register yourself as a seller and then in the next step, you have to upload the photo of the coin from both sides on the website. Then people will make a bid on the coins and whoever offers more money, the coin will be sold to him.

Meanwhile, if you possess notes from the British era, then that can also fetch a good amount of money. At that time Ashok Chakra was printed on the note. Now this note is rarely seen. But if you have this special note then your luck can shine. You can get Rs 20-25,000 in exchange for one note. The good thing is that you can sell these notes online while sitting at home.

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