HDFC Bank customers can withdraw cash without a debit or ATM card, here’s how


New Delhi: Bank customers usually need an ATM card or debit card to withdraw cash from automatic teller machines (ATMs). However, HDFC Bank is now allowing its customers to take out cash from ATM machines without a debit or ATM card. Customers who have opened their savings account with HDFC Bank can use this cardless cash withdrawal facility only at HDFC Bank ATMs around the country. 

The most valued private lender in India is assuring its customers that the process is simple and safe. Customers need to follow a few simple steps to withdraw cash from HDFC Bank ATMs without a debit or ATM card.

Taking it to Twitter, HDFC said, “Forgot your ATM Card? Don’t worry, HDFC Bank Cardless Cash is digitally yours with ​​​​​​​24X7 service to withdraw cash at all HDFC Bank ATMs.Enjoy instant and secure mode of cash withdrawals without ATM / Debit Card.”

Things to note while withdrawing cash from HDFC Bank without debit or credit card: 

– Customers can use the cardless cash withdrawal facility to withdraw a minimum of Rs 100 and a maximum of Rs 10,000 per day. 
– You can withdraw up to a maximum of Rs 25,000 per month without debit or credit card from HDFC Bank ATMs. 

Steps to follow: 

1. Visit your nearest HDFC Bank ATM.   

2. From the options menu, select the Cardless Cash option that is usually displayed in the IDLE loop screen. 

3. Select the language that you are comfortable in interacting with the machine. 

4. Customers then need to share registered phone numbers.  

5. The number is verified via OTP for secure transactions. 

6. Enter digit order ID and the amount you need to withdraw. 

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