HDFC advises customers to keep ‘mouth shut’, THIS is the reason


New Delhi: India’s largest private bank HDFC Bank is advising its customers to keep their mount shut, as part of its ongoing campaign around the rising bank frauds in the country. 

With the ‘#MoohBandRakho’ campaign, the bank is advising the customers on how they can avoid bank frauds. The bank warned that cyber thugs can rob the deposits by fooling customers by calling from a bank’s fake helpline number. 

In its official tweet, HDFC said, “Received a message for an FD/RD transaction you didn’t make? Scamsters are using fake HDFC Bank helpline numbers & asking people to download the screen-sharing app to access their banking information. So practice #MoohBandRakho when the scamsters call.” 

Scamsters nowadays are calling customer’s number and claim that they are calling from the bank to solve a problem. They request the customers to download a screen sharing application to give them access to track their FD/RD status. 

If you’re an HDFC Bank customer and get a similar call then you know that all you need to do is keep your mouth shut to stay safe from such frauds. Please note that you should never download a third-party app at the request of any fraud call. 

In the past year, bank frauds in India have surged at a record pace. Recently, the State Bank of India (SBI) started sending alerts to its customers on how they can take utmost precaution against bank frauds. 

“We advise our customers to be alert of fraudsters and not to share any sensitive details online or download any app from an unknown source,” SBI tweeted. 

Moreover, you would like to take note that in case, if you fall for fraud then the bank isn’t responsible for any damages.  In March 2021, the Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission in Gujarat’s Amreli district refused to accept compensation claims of the victim on the grounds that he was duped because of his own negligence

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