Government To Frame Policy To Fast Track Public Private Partnership Projects


Government will form a policy to fast track clearance to public private partnership projects

Keen to fast track its ambitious asset monetisation programme and streamlining approval for public private partnership (PPP) projects, the Government today announced that it will come up with a new policy to address the issues plaguing the system.

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Monday while announcing various fiscal measures to boost employment and shore up the health sector affected by Coronavirus pandemic, said that the current process for approval of PPP projects is long and involves multiple levels of approvals.

“A new policy will be formulated for appraisal and approval of PPP proposals and monetisation of core infrastructure assets, including through InvITs or infrastructure investment trust,” she said.

The aim behind the move will be to ensure speedy clearance of projects and to facilitate private sector’s efficiencies in financing construction and management of infrastructure.

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