Got an old currency note with 786 serial number? You can earn up to Rs 3 lakh by selling it online


New Delhi: In the past few months, the demand for old, rare and collectable notes has increased manifold. Collectors are now showing interest in buying collectable notes and coins even at a hefty price. For instance, some of the rare coins and notes are even selling for lakhs of rupees. 

One such note that has always remain collectable for years is the one whose number series ends with 786. For those uninitiated, the number ‘786’ is considered auspicious among Islam believers. 

If you have such a note, then you can also sell it online easily to earn up to Rs 3 lakh in just a snap. You can actually put the price on your note and can sell it for how much you want, depending on if the buyers agree to pay the price. 

Collectors can put the notes for an online auction on the e-commerce platform eBay. You can also use online classifieds portals such as Quikr and OLX to sell their old notes and coins. Also Read: CCI probe finds Google abused Android dominance: Report


However, most collectors prefer eBay since the website is quite reliable for online transactions, and is also safe for doing business than other sites. Here’ how you can sell your old Rs 10, Rs 100, Rs 500, and Rs 2000 old 786 series notes on the website to earns lakhs. Also Read: Infosys, TCS, Wipro recruitment: IT firms offer up to 120% hike, joining benefits and more

1. Visit eBay’s official website which is

2. You now need to register yourself as a seller on the platform. For this, you need to go to the registration tab on the homepage. 

3: After creating your account, you’ll now have to create a listing of your note. For this, you’ll need to take a clear quality picture of the note you intend to sell. You will also need to upload other information related to the note, especially related to what makes it so special for collectors. 

4. Once you create the listing, buyers on eBay will start seeing it. 

5. After seeing your listing, interested buyers are likely to contact you. 

6. You can bargain with them before selling the note.

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