Good news! THIS company will stop sending work-related messages to employees after 6 pm


India is reeling under a big crisis as COVID-19 cases are increasing day by day and companies, taking note of the situation and employees’ health have given Work From Home (WFH).

One of the companies named Zerodha has made a decision that there would be no phone calls regarding work that will be made to the staff after 6 pm. The company’s founder and CEO Nithin Kamath took to Twitter to announce the decision and he further revealed that the move is to help reduce the “feeling of burnt out and brain-fried”.

“At Zerodha, we have just killed all work-related chats post 6 pm & holidays. Also trying to get as many conversations to be asynchronous, moving them from chat to our internal instance of @discourse. Curious to see if this helps reduce the feeling of burnt out & brain fried,” Kamath tweeted.

Due to WFH, multitasking has shot up and therefore, it affects the performance of employees to a greater extent and could potentially damage a brain, he said. 

“Apparently, multitasking hurts performance and may even damage the brain. Being part of multiple discussions on different topics in different chat groups simultaneously (Multitasking) has gone up exponentially post WFH,” the Founder and CEO of Zerodha said in the second tweet.

Zerodha,  an online platform that invests in stocks, derivatives, and mutual funds started its operations on August 15, 2010, with the goal of breaking all barriers that traders and investors face in India in terms of cost, support, and technology.

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