Gold Price Today, 07 May 2021: Gold cheaper by over Rs 8,500 from record level, silver by Rs 8,360


New Delhi: Gold and silver prices are witnessing a sharp rise lately. The boom in gold futures started on Wednesday. Today, on the last trading day of the week, the precious metal continues to rise. Silver prices have crossed Rs 71600 per kg and gold is above Rs 47700 per 10 grams.

Gold in the national capital on Thursday rose by Rs 439 to Rs 46,680 per 10 gram reflecting recovery in global precious metal prices. In the previous trade, the metal had closed at Rs 46,241 per 10 gram. Silver also rallied Rs 1,302 to Rs 69,511 per kilogram from Rs 68,209 per kilogram in the previous trade.

Gold prices last week (April 26-30)

Day gold (MCX June futures)

Monday: Rs 47462/10 grams

Tuesday: Rs 47303/10 grams

Wednesday: Rs 47093/10 grams

Thursday: Rs 46726/10 grams

Friday: Rs 46737/10 grams

Gold prices (19-23 April)

Day gold (MCX June futures)

Monday: Rs 47393/10 grams

Tuesday: Rs 47857/10 grams

Wednesday: Rs 48228/10 grams

Thursday: Rs 47772/10 grams

Friday: Rs 47532/10 gram

Gold price (week of April 12-16)

Day gold (MCX June futures)

Monday: Rs 46419/10 gram

Tuesday: Rs 46975/10 grams

Wednesday: Rs 46608/10 grams

Thursday: Rs 47175/10 grams

Friday: Rs 47353/10 grams

Gold move (week of 5-9 April)

Day gold (MCX June futures)

Monday: Rs 44598/10

Tuesday: Rs 45919/10 grams

Wednesday: Rs 46362/10 grams

Thursday: Rs 46838/10 grams

Friday: Rs 46593/10 grams

Gold still cheaper by around Rs 9200 from the highest level

Last year, due to the Corona crisis, people had invested heavily in gold, in August 2020, the price of 10 grams of gold on MCX reached the highest level of Rs 56191. Last year, gold gave a return of 43%. If compared to the highest level, gold has declined up to 25%. Gold futures for June delivery is at the level of Rs 47700 per 10 gram on MCX, which means that it is still cheaper by Rs 8500.

Silver still cheaper by around Rs 8,360 from the highest level

The highest level of silver was witnessed at Rs 79,980 per kg. As compared to the record level, silver is also cheaper by Rs 8,360 as silver prices are at Rs 71620 per kg.

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