Get LPG cylinder without any address proof, read details of Indian Oil’s offering


New Delhi: Getting an LPG Cylinder has become more hassle free now. This piece of news will be a big relief for those people who might have recently changed their city or are planning to move to a different place, and hence obtaining a new address proof might require some more time.

Indian Oil’s Chhotu, 5 kg FTL (Free trade LPG) cylinder does not require customer’s address proof. Customers can avail Indian Oil’s Chhotu cylinders through Indane distributorships, and other point of sales like IndianOil Retail Outlets, Kirana stores, and local supermarkets.

The LPG cylinders are sold to the customer on outright basis. Customer can avail a connection by submission of identity proof only. Refill can be obtained by visiting any Point of Sale or Distributorships across the country.

The customer can use the FTL cylinder in any city as per his/her convenience. If the cylinders are bought from the POS, customers will also have the option to buy back with a fixed amount of Rs 500 per cylinder, irrespective of duration of use.

Here are some interesting things to know about Chhotu, 5 kg FTL Cylinders

– Chhotu is a 5kg FTL (Free trade LPG) cylinder marketed by IndianOil to cater to needs of its customers.

– No address proof is required. Customer can avail 5kg FTL cylinder by submitting any identity proof recognised by the Government.

– No security deposit is required for purchase of 5kg FTL cylinder.

– Chhotu is available is almost every district across the country. You can avail Chhotu from Indane distributor in your area or appointed Point of Sales such as IndianOil Retail Outlets, Kirana stores, and local supermarkets.

– Customers can avail home delivery of Chhotu through Point of Sales by paying an additional delivery charge of Rs 25 per refill (as on 1st December 2020).

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