FASTag/UPI Based Cashless Parking Facility Opened At Kashmere Gate: How It Works


Dedicated intermediate public transport lanes for taxi, auto, e-rickshaws at Kashmere Gate station

Delhi Metro authorities launched the country’s first FASTag-based cashless parking facility at the Kashmere Gate station – the only triple interchange station on the network, as part of its multimodal integration of transport services for commuters. Dedicated intermediate public transport or IPT lanes for taxi, auto, as well as e-rickshaws were also inaugurated at the station on Tuesday, July 6, by senior officials of the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC). (Also Read: Delhi Metro’s Kashmere Gate Station Has Record 47 Escalators: All You Need To Know )

For the multimodal integration (MMI) project and the cashless facility, the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) partnered with the Delhi Metro regulating body to introduce the country’s first 100 per cent digital parking plaza at one of the busiest stations on the Delhi Metro network. 

How does FASTag/UPI-based cashless facility work at Delhi Metro’s Kashmere Gate station?

  • The cashless parking facility is located at gate number six of the Kashmere Gate station and can accommodate as many as 55 four-wheelers and 174 two-wheelers. The station also has a record 47 escalators within its premises.
  • According to Delhi Metro, the entry, exit, and payment of four-wheelers can be done through the FASTag. The parking fee will be deducted through FASTag, which will reduce the overall time for entry and payment. Only those vehicles which have a FASTag installed will be allowed to park in this facility at the station.
  • The entry for the two-wheelers can be done only by swiping the DMRC smart card. The smart card swipe is used only for registering the time of the entry and exit and the fare calculation. In this process, no money will be deducted from the card.
  • The parking fee can be paid by the UPI apps, upon scanning the QR Code. At a later stage, the payment can also be made through the DMRC or the national common mobility card (NCMC) 
  • This is a pilot project of DMRC and the metro authority is planning to set up similar systems at more of its parking facilities across the national capital region.

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At gate numbers six and eight of the Kashmere Gate station, the dedicated intermediate public transport (IPT) lanes for taxi, auto, and e-rickshaws were also inaugurated for commuters. The dedicated lanes will allow seamless movement of vehicles and boost the last mile connectivity at the station.

In the second phase of the multimodal integration – which is currently under construction, a food court will be constructed and a bus terminal with three lanes having a capacity of five buses each will also be established, according to Delhi Metro authorities. 

 After completion of the second phase, Kashmere Gate station will become a transportation hub, integrating metro connectivity on Delhi Metro Red line, Yellow line, Violet line, ISBT Kashmere Gate, City Bus service, with a cashless parking facility, as well as taxi/auto/e-rickshaw services for the last-mile connectivity.

”…The parking plaza would accept NETC FASTag for four wheelers and UPI payments for all two-wheelers. With NETC FASTag, it’s our constant endeavour to provide seamless, cashless, and automated toll and parking payment solutions,” said Ms Praveena Rai, COO, NPCI.

The radio frequency identification (RFID)-based prepaid tag facility FASTag – made mandatory by the government for driving vehicles on highways, allows automatic, cashless deduction of toll charges when a registered vehicle passes through the toll plaza without stopping for a cash transaction. 

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