COVID-19: Govt waives off port charges for ships carrying oxygen, related equipment


New Delhi: The Indian government has directed all major ports across the country to waive off all charges for ships carrying oxygen and oxygen related equipment cargo. The decision has been taken to meet the unprecedented demand for oxygen across the country amid the second wave of Covid-19. 

In its official statement, the Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways said, “The Government of India has directed all Major Ports, including the Kamarajar Port Limited, to waive-off all charges levied by Major Port Trusts (including vessel-related charges, storage charges etc.)” 

The Ministry has accorded “the highest priority in the berthing sequence to the vessels carrying consignments of medical grade oxygen, oxygen tanks, oxygen bottles, portable oxygen generators, oxygen concentrators, steel pipes for manufacturing oxygen cylinders and associated equipment for the next three months or until further orders.”
Further, to facilitate the smooth import of oxygen, the Ministry has directed Port Chairpersons to personally supervise logistic operations. The aim here is to ensure unhindered movement of such consignments so that help could reach lakhs of people suffering across the country. 

“In case the vessel is carrying other cargo/containers in addition to the above said oxygen-related cargo, waiver of charges on a pro-rata basis, considering the overall cargo or containers handled at the port, should be provided for oxygen-related cargo to such vessels,” the statement read. 


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