Children’s Day: THIS LIC scheme will secure your child’s future; check details here


New Delhi: Today is International Children’s Day. You can prepare a new and different gift for your child as people’s interest in saving and investing (Money Back Plan) has risen recently. Many parents begin making arrangements for their child’s future when he is born (New Children’s Money Back Plan). But, believe it or not, if you save even a small portion of your salary, your child’s destiny can be changed.

LIC has come up with a scheme called the New Children Money Back Plan. You may safeguard your child’s future by investing in this scheme. Your investment in this scheme will be a wonderful Children’s Day present for your child.

New Children Money Back Plan

If you want to give your child a gift that would secure his future on Children’s Day, consider investing in LIC’s (LIC Child Plan In Hindi 2021) scheme New Children Money Back Plan (LIC). Begin doing it and your child will become a millionaire in the near future with these tiny savings. Let us tell you that you will only need to save Rs 150 per day to achieve this.

What is this policy?

Life Insurance Corporation’s New Children Money Back Plan policy lasts for 25 years. In addition, the maturity amount is paid in instalments. It is paid for the first time when your child reaches the age of eighteen. The child is paid for the second time when he is 20 years old, and the third time when he is 22 years old.

The life insured receives 20-20% of the sum assured as money back tax under the New Children’s Money Back Plan. In addition, when the child reaches the age of 25, the entire sum is returned to him. Bonuses are also awarded along with the remaining 40% of the money. Your child will become a millionaire as soon as he reaches adulthood if you invest in this policy in this manner.

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