Bookings open for Ola Electric scooter! Check price, specs and other details


New Delhi: Ola Electric has finally opened the bookings for its electric scooter on Thursday (July 15), with the rising demand for electric vehicles in India. The electric vehicle manufacturing arm of Ola is currently ramping up its production facility, Futurefactory, in Tamil Nadu.  

Ola is planning to manufacture close to 10 million two-wheelers annually. In the first phase itself, the company is planning to manufacture 20 lakh electric scooters every year in this factory. 

Booking price of Ola electric 

You can book Ola’s electric scooter for Rs 499. The amount is fully refundable in case of cancellations. The firm has said that it will start the delivery on the first booking basis, which means that those booking the scooter in the starting booking days will get the deliveries first. 

Specs of Ola Electric scooter 

Ola Electric scooter can be charged from zero to 50% in just 18 minutes, which is said to be enough to cover a distance of about 75 kms. The expected range of Ola Electric’s scooter on a single charge is expected to be 150 Km.  

Features of Ola Electric scooter 

Ola Electric scooter sports features such a full-LED lighting, fast charging, and front disc brake, among others. The two-wheeler could come with features such as a removable Lithium-ion battery, alloy wheels, and telescopic suspension at the front, among others.
Ola Hypercharger Network 

Ola Electric is also ramping up to build Ola Hypercharger Network. The company claims that it’ll be the widest and densest electric two-wheeler charging network in the world. Also Read: Rs 5 crore Lamborghini Huracan STO launched in India even as petrol prices remain over Rs 100 in metros

Ola Electric is aiming to set up more than 100,000 charging points across 400 cities under the plan.  Also Read: OYO raises $660 million in debt to revive from pandemic blows

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