Bitcoin Is Bitcoin: Jack Dorsey, Co-founder of Twitter and Square


Recently, Mr Dorsey launched a $23.6 million bitcoin fund with Jay Z

Bitcoin is bitcoin (and that’s all it needs to be), Jack Dorsey, co-founder and CEO of Twitter, and the founder and CEO of Square, a financial payments company, said in a succinct and rather prescient tweet last week. Jack Dorsey has been a staunch bitcoin advocate for years, emphasizing that Bitcoin will be the single currency of the internet.”Bitcoin reminds him of the early days of the internet,” the Twitter CEO has said, while reiterating the potential of bitcoin to create a new more inclusive financial infrastructure, and as a means of ensuring the transfer of funds across borders..

Bitcoin would be a “big part” of the company’s future, the Twitter CEO said at the second-quarter earnings call, while outlining the digital currency’s potential to transform Twitter products and services. Referring to Bitcoin as a native currency of the internet, Mr Dorsey has highlighted the immense opportunities to integrate the cryptocurrency with existing Twitter products and services such as commerce, subscriptions and other new additions such as the Twitter Tip Jar and Super Follows.

As if to prove that his optimism about bitcoin is not merely academic, Jack Dorsey’s financial services company Square first invested in the cryptocurrency in October and added bitcoin worth over $170 million in February this year.

More recently, Mr Dorsey launched a $23.6 million bitcoin fund with Jay Z. And Square has acquired a majority stake in Jay-Z’s TIDAL music service, which could well mark a paradigm shift in the music industry as cryptocurrencies change the music industry as we know it.

And just last Friday, Mr Dorsey announced that Square is looking at introducing a hardware wallet for bitcoin.

In the words of Mr Dorsey, Bitcoin along with Artificial intelligence and decentralization will be the key trends that will determine the future of Twitter.

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