Bank alert! THIS bank has changed fixed deposit interest rates, check new rates here


After reducing interest rates for savings accounts, IDFC First Bank has now revised interest rates on fixed deposits. The new interest rates on FDs will be applicable from May 1. The bank has taken the decision at a time when interest rates are plummeting at their record lows. 

With the upcoming revision, the interest rate on FDs will range from 2.75% to 6% per annum, depending on the time duration for which you invest your money in IDFC First Bank’s fixed deposit scheme. 

The private sector lender offers both short term and long term FDs. The short term FDs range from just seven days to up to a year while the long term ones are offered with a timeline of one to ten years. 

IDFC Bank is offering the lowest 2.75% per annum interest rate on FD investments for seven to 14 days. The lender is offering a 3% and 3.50% interest rate on investments for 15-29 days and 30-45 days, respectively. 

If you invest for 46-90 days, then IDFC will offer you a 4% interest rate while it’s offering a 4.5% interest rate on investments for 91-180 days. Similarly, the bank offers higher interest rates with a longer time duration of the investment, with a maximum interest rate of 5.75% being offered on investments with a maturity period of five years or more (up to 10 years). 


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