Amazon Offers Intellectual Property Protection For Businesses In India


Amazon has launched intellectual property protection facility to small entrepreneurs in India

Amazon, the e-commerce giant on Sunday unveiled its Intellectual Property Accelerator or IP Accelerator programme, which is aimed at providing access to sellers, especially those who are also owners of brands, to services provided by legal experts.

This access, a statement by Amazon added, will help the sellers to secure trademark protection for their brands as well as from infringement mainly on Amazon websites across the country.

The IP Accelerator programme is already available in Europe and the United States, it added.

Mary Beth Westmoreland, vice-president, technology, brand protection at Amazon, said the IP Accelerator programme is already available in the US, Europe and Canada.

“We are excited to offer the advantages of this programme to our Indian businesses. Our Intellectual Property Accelerator Program enables businesses to protect their intellectual property, which in turn helps to ensure an authentic shopping experience for everyone,” said Amazon’s vice president technology, brand protection Mary Beth Westmoreland.

The programme was launched as a pilot project in India last year and received positive feedback from businesses, the statement said.

“Establishing IP rights is essential for businesses of all sizes to differentiate their products, earn customer trust and grow their business. However, the process can be complex and time-consuming, leading to a lot of businesses dropping off along the way,” Amazon India Director (MSME and Selling Partner Experience) Pranav Bhasin said.

He added that the launch of the IP Accelerator programme in India will give IP protection to millions of sellers, especially small and medium-sized ones as well as the upcoming entrepreneurs.

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