Aadhaar Card Users Alert! Aadhaar fine can go up to Rs 1 crore; here’s how to avoid it


New Delhi: UIDAI will now levy severe fines for Aadhaar violations! In recent developments, the Indian government has instructed the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) to appoint officers to prosecute Aadhaar Act violators. An Aadhaar card fine imposed by officials on such organisations might be as much as Rs 1 crore.

The government has notified the UIDAI that any entity working with the Aadhaar ecosystem that does not follow the UIDAI’s rules and regulations would be penalised. According to the current rules announced by the government under the act, the punishment in certain of these situations could be up to one crore rupees. It’s worth noting that the legislation enacting the UIDAI (Adjudication of Penalties) Rules, 2021, was passed in 2019.

The UIDAI’s Adjudicating Officers would adjudicate these cases, and infringing organisations could face Aadhaar card fines of up to Rs 1 crore. When the law was passed in 2019, it stated, “This needs to be addressed with a view to protecting privacy and also ensuring the autonomy of the UIDAI.”

The Aadhaar and Other Laws (Amendment) Act, 2019, was introduced by the Indian government to guarantee that the UIDAI has powers equivalent to those of a regulator who can take enforcement actions. The Aadhaar civil fines may aid the UIDAI in better controlling the use of its database.

Aadhaar cardholders, on the other hand, should be sure to validate their cards on a regular basis to protect themselves. Cardholders should verify their Aadhaar on a regular basis, according to the UIDAI, to prevent fraudsters from exploiting their card information. This step can be completed quickly and easily using the Aadhaar website or the mAadhaar app, which can be downloaded from the app store.

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