Aadhaar Card Update: Here’s how to check if someone is misusing your Aadhaar


New Delhi: Aadhaar Card in India has indeed become our virtual identity, as the document not just carries our personal information, but also possesses our biometric details such as fingerprints and more. Therefore, it has become crucial to make sure that someone else isn’t using your Aadhaar Card or your document hasn’t been hacked by scamsters for illicit use. 

If you also have concerns related to the safety of your Aadhaar card, then we have good news. Aadhaar Card issuing body, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), allows cardholders to check if someone else is your document. But before we tell you how, it’s important to know more about Aadhaar Card. 

The document has become one of the most crucial documents in recent times, as it is used as an identification document at banks, passport offices, RTOs, and various other state-owned and private agencies. 

You’ll also need Aadhaar Card for availing of several services offered by state-owned companies or private firms, especially in the financial domain. Therefore, if your Aadhaar Card is being misused, then it could even lead to a financial loss. Remember, being vigilant at all times should be the motto in such cases. 

Here’s how to check if your Aadhaar Card is safe or not: 

Step 1: Visit the official UIDAI website. 

Step 2: Go to the Aadhaar Services section.  

Step 3: Select the Aadhaar Authentication History option.

Step 4: Enter Aadhaar number and security code. 

Step 5: Click on Generate OTP option

Step 6: Enter OTP to verify your mobile number 

Step 7: Now, you will be able to see your Aadhaar card authentication history. Lookout for any such details that you feel is wrong and should be changed immediately. You can make the changes by following simple Aadhaar update steps. Also Read: SBI Customers Alert! Here’s how to identify fake SBI messages

Moreover, cardholders should note that the method mentioned above is applicable in case the phone number is linked with the Aadhaar card. If your number isn’t linked with your Aadhaar card, you can file a complaint to UIDAI at [email protected] or contact at 1947. Also Read: Diwali Gift: Maharashtra announces highest ever bonus for employees, check if you’re eligible

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