7th Pay Commission: Central employees to get bumper gifts before Diwali, could get bonuses from 3 places


New Delhi: Central government employees could receive bonuses from three different places ahead of Diwali 2021. Firstly, employees could receive a dearness allowance (DA) hike, secondly, they could receive DA arrears for the month of July and August 2021 if reports are to be true and lastly, they could receive the interest on Provident Fund (PF) interest in their account just before Diwali 2021.

DA hike 

As of now, the Central government hasn’t announced the hike on dearness allowance (DA). However, the All India Consumer Price Index (AICPI) data for January to May 2021 indicates that DA for central government employees could increase by 3%. If reports are to be true, then the government could increase the DA around Diwali 2021. 

DA arrears

The Central government is yet to pay the increased dearness allowance (DA) for the month of July and August 2021. The Finance Ministry has previously announced that the Central government will receive salaries with increased DA starting from July 2021. However, employees received an increased salary from September 2021, meaning that they can now expect DA arrears. Also Read: THIS old Rs 1 note can fetch you lakhs of rupees, check how to sell online 

PF interest 

More than 6 crore account holders of the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) can also receive good news before Diwali. EFPO subscribers can receive the interest money on their investments direct in their bank accounts linked with the social security organisation. Reports suggest that EPFO could soon announce the transfer of interest to the accounts of its subscribers for 2020-21 period. Also Read: India 6th most affected country by ransomware in list of 140 countries: Google

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