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Bigg Boss 16 Day 64 updates: Shekhar Suman comes dressed as MC Stan, Shiv, Priyanka and Archana BREAK DOWN in front of Bigg Boss

New Delhi: It’s another day at Bigg Boss house and we are back with the updates! The episode begins with Tina and Priyanka discussing about how she comes out as possessive in front of the audience. Priyanka apologizes to Soundarya and says that she misunderstood that she is coming between her and Ankit and they sort their issues.  

Tina discusses about her and Shalin with Sajid. She clarifies to him that she does not love Shalin as she doesn’t know anything about his past. Sajid says that if this is the case then she should stay away from him. MC Stan asks Bigg Boss for a gift. 

After this, Tina and Shalin discuss about their relationship. While Shalin feels that they both like each other, but Tina is still skeptical about it.  

Priyanka says to Ankit that our relationship seems one-sided. She says that I have become a villain because of you. He says I am done with this house. She says these I am someone who would choose family over anything and I’m coming out as a really bad person here.  

Tina and Archana yet again get into an argument over washroom cleanliness. Archana says you have not cleaned it properly. Tina calls her ‘badtameez aurat’. Archana and Shalin also get into argument over it. Nimrit tries to clarifies things between them.  

Shekhar Suman comes dressed as MC Stan and sings rap in his style. Shekhar Suman engages in a fun banter with the contestants and makes everyone laugh.  

Archana and Tina get into argument over food and duties. Archana says no one wants to work in this house.  

Bigg Boss addresses all the contestants in a very emotional way and says that you people must be missing your family and the outside world. Everyone gets emotional hearing to Bigg Boss’s words. He says that I will call contestants to the confession room and do some heartfelt talks.  

Priyanka is called first and breaks down and says that her game is going in the wrong direction. She says somehow Ankit becomes her priority everytime. Bigg Boss asks her to focus on herself and not Ankit. He then calls Shiv inside the house and asks whom he considers his real friends and says he doesn’t have to be too giving. Archana then comes into the confession room and cries saying that I don’t hurt people but I don’t know how I became like this here. She says I take care of everyone but my image is very bad outside. She says I am afraid of Salman sir.  

Bigg Boss then calls Shalin and Tina together. He then gives the horoscope and asks them to read each other’s prediction. Then he says don’t focus too much on what’s happening outside. Tina says I try to draw a line but it doesn’t happen because Shalin is my only friend. Bigg Boss reiterates that you don’t have to worry about what’s happening outside. They hug after coming out of the confession room. 

Bigg Boss then calls MC Stan and Abdu. Bigg Boss then plays one of MC Stan’s song and both of them get happy. Tina then says to Shalin that she is very grateful that she has a friend like him in the house.  

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