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‘Bhediya’ Actor Abhishek Banerjee Opens Up On His Mom’s Least Favourite Role Of The Actor

New Delhi: Abhishek Banerjee is an actor who has always owned his characters and executed them flawlessly. While he has played a variety of parts, such as Jaana, Hathoda Tyagi, or Jaffa, every character he has played has convinced us into believing that they are real. Recently, the actor revealed that his mother didn’t like him after he played Hatodha Tyagi. Imagine how real Banerjee got that his own mother frowned upon on his raw depiction.  

Talking about the same, Abhishek Banerjee says ⁩“My mom didn’t like my role as Hothoda Tyagi in Pataal Lok. She said – kya hain ye , Hathoda mein tum kya kar rahe ho? But she loved my role in Bhediya”.  He further added, “At first I used to think memes are just for fun, but when Hathoda Tyagi memes got viral, I understood that it meant respect.”

In all the characters that Abhishek Banerjee has played, he has always poured all of himself into those. Filled with angst, anger and rage, without a doubt, the audience can get easily terrified by the character. 

Hathoda Tyagi’ in the ‘Paatal Lok web series is a landmark hit considering the character did not speak much and yet managed to send shivers to the audience. This character is one of the biggest hits that Banerjee has delivered and has registered really well in the minds of the audience. 

Abhishek Banerjee is all set to share the screen with Amitabh Bachchan in Section 84, a courtroom drama thriller and it will be exciting to see him do so. Meanwhile, on the work front, Abhishek Banerjee will be seen in films like Stree 2, Dream Girl 2, Apruva, and Section 84.

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