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Bank Customers Struggle With Online Account Access, Find Banking Process Bureaucratic And Inefficient: Survey

New Delhi: In the digital age, where online banking is becoming increasingly essential, a recent survey conducted by LocalCircles has shed light on the challenges faced by bank customers in accessing their accounts online. With 31,000 responses collected from citizens residing in 301 districts across India, the survey brings to the forefront the hurdles faced by consumers in their banking experiences.

Key Findings:


1. 41% Families Face Online Account Accessibility Issues

A significant 41% of families reported having one or more individuals with bank accounts that they cannot access online. While 59% of respondents indicated that all their accounts were accessible, these findings underscore the prevalence of online banking accessibility challenges.

2. 39% Unable to Access Accounts Due to Faulty Details; 19% Because of Dormant Status

When asked why they couldn’t access their accounts online, 39% of respondents cited problems with their login credentials, while 19% faced difficulties due to their accounts being marked as dormant. This reveals that a substantial portion of customers encounter obstacles in the form of credential issues and dormant account statuses.

3. 60% Find Banks ‘Bureaucratic and Inefficient’ in Addressing Online Access

A significant majority of 60% of respondents expressed dissatisfaction with their banks, characterizing them as “bureaucratic and inefficient” when approached to re-enable online account access. This sentiment highlights the need for more streamlined and customer-centric processes within the banking sector.

Implications & Recommendations:


The survey outcomes emphasize the need for banks to proactively address these challenges:-

Technical Glitches: Banks should prioritize resolving technical glitches and credential issues promptly to enhance the online banking experience for their customers.

Dormant Accounts: More efforts should be made to educate customers on preventing their accounts from becoming dormant, and streamlined reactivation processes should be put in place.

Bureaucracy Reduction: Banks should streamline their procedures to minimize bureaucracy, ensuring a more efficient and customer-friendly approach.

Digital KYC: Banks should explore innovative ways to conduct KYC validations without requiring customers to visit a branch physically, utilizing technologies like Aadhar authentication and services like Digilocker.

Customer Support Training: Re-training of bank staff is essential to provide better assistance to customers facing online account access issues.

In conclusion, the survey underscores the necessity for banks to enhance their online banking services, focusing on technical efficiency and customer satisfaction. As digital banking becomes increasingly vital, these findings serve as a reminder of the importance of ensuring smooth and convenient access for all customers.

Survey Demographics:


The survey gathered responses from over 31,000 citizens residing in 301 districts of India. Among the respondents, 67% were men, and 33% were women. Additionally, 44% of respondents hailed from tier 1 cities, 34% from tier 2, and 22% from tier 3, 4, and rural districts. All participants were validated citizens registered with LocalCircles to participate in the survey.

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