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‘Bageshwar Dham Sarkar Dhirendra Shastri Has Insulted Sant Tukaram’: Congress Says Won’t Let him Enter Maharashtra

MUMBAI: In more trouble for Dhirendra Krishna Shastri, the self-styled godman of Bageshwar Dham, the Maharashtra unit of Congress has written to the Eknath Shinde government to not allow him to enter the state, accusing him of insulting saint Sant Tukaram Maharaj and offending lakhs of his devotees. In his letter to the Shinde government, Maharashtra Congress president Nana Patole urged the state government to deny permission for Bageshwar Dham chief’s religious events in Mumbai’s Vasai-Virar scheduled to be held on March 18-19.

Patole stated that Maharashtra is a progressive state and a person who spreads superstition has no place in the state. The Congress chief also warned that if the events of Bageshwar Maharaj are held in Mumbai, his party will strongly oppose them.

In his letter, Patole also accused Bageshwar Dham godman of insulting Saint Tukaram and hurting the religious sentiments of lakhs of his devotees.

“Dhirendra Shastri has hurt the sentiments of lakhs of devotees by making a statement insulting Sant Tukaram Maharaj,” said the state Congress president and accused the religious leader of promoting superstitions. He said if Shastri’s programme at Vasai-Virar is allowed, then people can be misled.

Shastri recently triggered another controversy by asking the Hindus to have at least 3-4 children. Shastri, while speaking at an event at his Ashram, said two children must be spared to serve the nation and lord Rama.

“While it’s said that two children are enough (Bachche, 2 hi acche), but 1 child must be devoted in service of Lord Rama. Teach him to work for the nation in his childhood only,” Shastri was quoted as saying by Zee Salaam.

Who Is Dhirendra Krishna Shastri?

Dhirendra Shastri is the head priest of Bageshwar Dham in Gada village in the Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh. The godman hit headlines after he made a controversial remark saying “support me and I will give you a Hindu nation”. Shastri, who is also known as Bageshwar Dham Sarkar, said that India is such a country where even a great sage like Goswami Tulsidas, who wrote the “Ramcharitmanas,” had to face challenges.

Shastri also issued a warning saying, “Any priest, cleric or person who challenges the Sanatan Dharma will get a befitting reply.” “But then I am saying, you support me, I will give the Hindu nation,” he appealed to his vast followers. On alleged religious conversions, Shastri said, “We are making Hindus return to the religion they acquired at birth. Some people are creating a nuisance. They have to be taught a lesson. As long as I am alive, I will make all Sanatani Hindus return to their original faith.”

Several top BJP leaders, including Kailash Vijayvargiya and Kapil Mishra, have come out in support of the 26-year-old ‘godman’. who is known to travel across the country for religious addresses known as “katha”.

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