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Ayurveda expert suggests herbs and spices to improve liver health

Liver, the cone-shaped reddish brown organ in the body performs an array of functions from helping in metabolism, digestion, detoxification to storage of essential nutrients. The largest internal organ in the body, liver is constantly filtering and purifying the blood. It also creates vital hormones and enzymes, breaks down and conserves fatigued blood cells, and controls glucose storage. It is important to detox your liver regularly for optimal functioning of the body. (Also read: World Liver Day 2022: Reverse liver damage with these wonderful herbs and spices)

“This superlative organ is named Yakrit in Sanskrit. According to Ayurveda, apart from the above functions, the liver is the abode of the Pitta entity and regulates the functioning of optimal digestive fire, or Agni. Yakrit is also the site for forming Rakta Dhatu, or blood tissue element,” says Dr Archana Sukumaran, a well-known Ayurveda Doctor (BAMS) at Kerala Ayurveda Ltd.

Dr Archana says the liver has to be detoxed often to enhance its effectiveness in maintaining the body’s equilibrium.

Here are a few Ayurveda remedies to improve liver health naturally:

Triphala: Triphala is a combination of three gut-friendly herbs- Gooseberry or Amla, Chebulic Myrobalan or Haritaki, and Baheda or Bibhitaki. Primarily used for constipation relief, Triphala also helps in the proper functioning of the liver. Triphala tablets can be an excellent choice for liver health.

Turmeric: Turmeric, the golden spice and an indispensable part of every Indian kitchen, is also an excellent remedy for liver disorders owing to its anti-inflammatory action. It is also a potent antioxidant that detoxifies the hepatic cells. Boil a small piece of fresh turmeric root in a glass of water and drink it first thing in the morning to detoxify yourself.


Bhumyamalaki: Phyllanthus amarus is the supreme medication for all liver disorders, according to Ayurvedic classics. It is often used in the condition of hepatomegaly and severe cirrhosis liver. Traditional Indian medicine uses this mystic herb to cure liver disorders at home. The regular consumption of this plant with proper guidance can be used as an effective method to guard the liver from further issues. Ayurvedic Syrup such as Heposem is enriched with Bhumyamlaki.

Indian Ginseng: Ashwagandha, as called in Sanskrit, is a potent ayurvedic herb that helps restore liver balance. It helps to reduce the effect of stress and radiation in liver cells and thus prevent damage. It also aids in boosting the natural production of bile and associated enzymes needed for the optimal functioning of the digestive system. You can consume Ashwagandha powder or Ashwagandhadi Lehyam to enjoy the benefits of this herb.


Garlic: The white bulb that flavours all our dishes is also a potential liver saver. The liver is the dump house for all waste products circulating in the blood, and the garlic bulb is the best remedy you can find in your kitchen that offers the best liver detox at the cheapest cost. It has excellent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action in the plant with chemicals like allicin, alliin, and ajoene, which often improve liver function and aid in this action.

“While the guidelines above support the liver’s overall health and function, each of us has a unique set of characteristics and varied innate constitutions. Following and knowing what is right for your Prakriti is equally important for optimal liver health,” concludes Dr Archana.

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