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Apple Could Face More Pressure To Ditch Lightning Port As US Seeks Common Charging Standard

The European Union (EU) passed the bill which made it mandatory for all manufacturers to use USB Type C as the common charging port for all mobile devices from 2024 onwards. And now the US is seeking a similar law, wherein the companies standardise the charging ports to prevent e-waste from becoming a serious issue.

The news comes as a group of senators in the United States have called upon the US Commerce Dept. to address the lack of interoperability for charging devices and look at the impact of e-waste on the environment.

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“We urge you to follow the EU’s lead by developing a comprehensive strategy to address unnecessary consumer costs, mitigate e-waste, and restore sanity and certainty to the process of purchasing new electronics,” the letter quoted by The Verge mentions in this report.

First, the EU ruling and now the prospect of the US following suit could have a serious impact on how Apple operates in the market. The Cupertino-based tech giant faces the biggest change from all these decisions, forcing the company to finally move away from its patented lightning port. Apple has always argued that such a move would stifle innovation but with the EU passing the new law that ship seems to have sailed.

Even today, you continue to buy iPhones that only work with their standard charger, while Android smartphones are now compatible with any adapter that supports a USB Type C interface.

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Apple has been reported to be moving to USB Type C for its iPhones in a few years or so, some even suggesting that the iPhone 15 in 2024 will be the first model to have the new charging interface.

And if that was just a suggestion, it is high time that Apple starts planning for the switch by 2024, especially if the US government also manages to pass a similar bill to that of the EU. At the end of the day, these bills will surely please the consumers, who can now stop bothering about buying different chargers, and just carry one unit to charge all of them.

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