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Anti MS Dhoni, Fans React As Babar Azams DRS Blunders Take Center Stage In India vs Pakistan Asia Cup 2023 Super 4 Clash

In a thrilling Asia Cup 2023 Super 4 encounter between arch-rivals India and Pakistan, Babar Azam found himself at the centre of a Twitter storm for all the wrong reasons. The Pakistani skipper’s poor decisions regarding the Decision Review System (DRS) during the match left fans and experts baffled. As Twitter flooded with reactions, some even compared him unfavourably to the legendary MS Dhoni, known for his impeccable DRS calls.

Babar’s DRS Disaster

The match saw a critical phase where Babar Azam made not one but three incorrect DRS calls. The most glaring of these came during India’s innings when Pakistan had already lost both their reviews. Babar, in consultation with wicketkeeper Mohammad Rizwan, opted for a review when there was a faint noise as the ball passed Virat Kohli’s thigh pad. However, UltraEdge showed a flat line, indicating that the ball hadn’t touched the bat. This poor call left Pakistan without any reviews for the rest of the innings.

Twitter Reacts

Unsurprisingly, cricket fans took to Twitter to express their opinions on Babar Azam’s DRS debacle. Virat Kohli’s humorous comment, “Bhaii tu Rizwan ki mat sun… Faltu DRS le liya,” instantly became a viral meme. Fans created memes and tweets, with some comparing Babar’s DRS decisions unfavorably to the remarkable DRS prowess of MS Dhoni.

One fan tweeted, “Babar Azam ka DRS Bhai pressure me aa jata hai bowlers ke. Dhoni ka DRS next level hota hai…par Babar ke DRS ka koi level hi nahi hai,” highlighting the stark contrast between the two captains’ DRS capabilities.

Another fan pointed out that Rizwan’s inability to accurately judge edges played a role in Babar’s poor DRS choices. “Rizwan seems to be an awful judge if batsmen have nicked it or not. Doesn’t help Babar to make any decision with DRS,” the tweet read.

The Impact on the Match

Babar Azam’s erroneous use of DRS reviews didn’t just amuse fans on social media but also had a significant impact on the match. With no reviews left, Pakistan couldn’t challenge some crucial umpiring decisions later in the game. This lack of reviews proved to be a critical handicap in their bid to restrict the Indian batsmen.

Babar Azam’s DRS misjudgments in the India vs. Pakistan Asia Cup 2023 clash will be remembered not only for their impact on the match but also for the Twitter frenzy they triggered. While the Pakistani skipper is undoubtedly a talented batsman, he will need to work on his decision-making skills when it comes to reviews. In the world of cricket, where fine margins can determine the outcome of a game, every DRS call counts. MS Dhoni’s legacy in this regard looms large, and Babar Azam must strive to improve in this aspect if he wishes to reach similar heights as a captain. As fans continue to dissect his DRS blunders, Babar Azam will undoubtedly feel the pressure to redeem himself in future encounters.

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