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Amritpal Singh: All About Radical Khalistan Supporter And Head Of Waris Punjab De

Pro-Khalistani Amritpal Singh has been detained from Punjab’s Nakodar. Singh, who heads the radical organisation named Waris Punjab De, has been making headlines these days for all the wrong reasons. As per the reports, Amritpal Singh’s six other supporters have also been detained from Punjab’s Jalandhar district.

Amritpal Singh’s “open challenges” to the government, pressers with armed men guarding him, and a look like separatist leader Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale have left the nation shocked. Amritpal Singh is the head of Sikh extremist organisation ‘Waris Punjab De’ – a small group of people who call themselves followers of Jarnail Singh Bhindranwala – the separatist leader who was killed in Operation Blue Star in the year 1984. Amritpal, who used to live overseas for past many years, took over as the new chief of Waris Punjab De after the death of its former president Deep Sidhu in a road accident. The event which saw Amritpal Singh’s anointment was held in Jarnail Singh Bhindrawala’s village Rode in Moga district.

Amritpal, who is a resident of Jandupur Khera village in Amritsar, was appointed as the new head of the organization just four months ago. The ‘Waris Punjab De’ organization – a group of armed extremists – was formed by Deep Sidhu, an accused in Delhi violence. Amritpal joined the “pressure group” amid pro-Khalistan slogans, and called upon the Sikh youth to get ready for the “next war”.

Amritpal, who had moved to Dubai in 2012 along with his family, returned to Punjab in August 2022. Recently, a case of kidnapping and assault has been registered against Amritpal and 25 others. This comes after a Sikh preacher named Varinder Singh uploaded a video accusing Amritpal and his followers of kidnapping and beating him up.

Amritpal married a NRI woman on February 11, who is living with him in Punjab now. Amritpal holds a resemblance to Bhindranwale and also dresses like him.

He had also opposed agricultural laws during the farmer’s movement, which was also joined by Deep Sidhu.

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