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Amazon Great Freedom Festival 2022: Avail as much as 47% off on perfumes

Whenever there is any talk of luxury items, the target audience that comes to the mind are women. Think of advertisements and billboards with advertisements on shoes, clothes, hand bags, jewellery, perfumes etc and a bulk of them will have women selling them and a bulk of them would be targetted at them. Perfumes, for instance, we tend to wholly associate with women. That, however, is hardly true. The men’s perfume market is just as varied and rich as it is for women.

If you are keen on picking some perfumes from top global brands, then now would be a good time to do so. Why, one may ask? Well, that’s because the Amazon Great Freedom Festival 2022 sale is currently on and available on discounted rates are a whole range of consumer items. Perfumes are one of them.

If you get lucky you can get mega discount on top-notch brands such as Nautica, Tommy Hilfiger and even Mercedes-Benz (yes, the car giant is into perfumes, too). We have curated a list that you will surely find useful. Check it out.

Jaguar Classic Black Eau De Toilette

This perfume is available in the spray form. While it is available in a 100 milli litres bottle, it will see you through a long period of time. This product has an attractive 45% on it. It comes with the magic of its three notes – top note has a blend of Mandarin oranges, green apple and bitter orange; the heart note has cardamon, black tea and Nutmeg while the base note has Sandalwood, Cedar and Vetiver.

Nautica Voyage Eau de Toilette For Men

This is another perfume that is sure to charm you and elevate your senses. Available in spray form, each bottle contains 100 ml of perfume. A special feature in it is that it has been made using all natural ingredients. It comes with three notes – top note has apple with hints of green leaves; the heart note contains mint with Lotus and Mimosa while the concluding note has Cedar, subtle yet heavy smell of musk, smokey amber and organic moss. This is available with an attractive 47% off.

Tommy Hilfiger For Men Eau de Toilette

This refreshing and energetic fragrance is all you need to begin your day on a high note. This perfume’s overall smell can be categorized as ‘effervescent wood’ smell. This particular fragrance is available with four different levels of concentrations – Perfume has 20 – 40% concentration and is formulated to last you for 6-8 hours. Eau de parfum has a 10-25% concentration and will last you 4-5 hours, Eau de Toilette has 8-10% concentration and will see you through 2-3 hours while Eau de Cologne has 3 to 5% concentration that will see you through for two hours. This perfume comes with a discount tag of 40%.

Guess Seductive Women Eau de Toilette

This spray can be seen as an extension of your personality – as the name suggests it has a seductive edge to it and can charm others in no time. This perfume comes with the following notes – top notes: cardamom milk, mandarin pulp and pink pepper; heart: vanilla orchid, violet leaves and vetiver and base: patchouli, sandalwood, amber and musk. With a heady mix like that, there is no way a person won’t be drawn towards this smell. You can expect an impressive 46% off on this perfume.

Mercedes-Benz Miniature Gift Set

This fragrance from the auto major has a fresh feel to it. It comes loaded with floral and fruity smells. It is made using natural ingredients and so you can be rest assured of its quality and safety standards. It is available in a pack of four bottles and has a range of perfume bottles, depending on the level of concentration of the ingredients. This perfume is particularly good at keeping unwanted body odour at bay and ensures that you smell good throughout the day. It gives a boost to one’s confidence levels. This has a 40% off tag attached.

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