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All 7 Guys Cant Play Wildly…, Rohit Sharma Opens Up About Brand Of Cricket He Is Playing Ahead Of India Vs Australia Final Cricket World Cup 2023

Amidst the fervour surrounding the ICC Cricket World Cup final, set to unfold at Ahmedabad’s Narendra Modi Stadium on November 19, 2023, Captain Rohit Sharma’s composed demeanour reflects the team’s readiness for the monumental clash against five-time champions Australia. India’s undefeated streak of 10 matches places them on the brink of a historic triumph, with around 130,000 spectators expected to witness the spectacle. Rohit Sharma even talked about the brand of cricket that the team is playing which has played the side to reach the final.

“Brand and all is important. If we have decided something then we will have to implement that and I think guys have implemented that. The score that we put up on the board is the way we are going about our game,” Rohit said during the press conference. “Obviously, all 7 can not go and play wildly and play that brand of cricket. We have given certain roles to certain individuals according to what can benefit the team. I think 99.99% of us played that brand of cricket that we are talking about. That point 1% is that we cannot always be perfect,”

Calm Amidst Chaos

Speaking ahead of the final, Rohit Sharma shared insights into the team’s mindset, emphasizing their calm and composed approach. “Leading up to every game, we have been quite composed, quite calm about what we want to do because we know how it is outside the environment we have,” expressed Rohit. He acknowledged the inherent pressure of being an Indian cricketer but stressed the importance of sticking to the team’s strengths amid external expectations and scrutiny.

Emotional Significance

Recognizing the emotional weight of the final, Rohit noted, “Emotionally it’s a big thing, a big occasion.” The 36-year-old captain conveyed that, for him and his teammates, the focus remains on the work they need to do for the team rather than getting overwhelmed by the enormity of the moment.

Winning for Dravid

Expressing a heartfelt sentiment about winning the title for Coach Rahul Dravid, Rohit stated, “His role has been absolutely massive.” He highlighted the contrast in their playing styles and Dravid’s contribution to creating a conducive environment for the players. “Obviously, what he has done for Indian cricket is massive. And he also feels that he wants to be part of this big occasion. And it’s for us to do it for him,” Rohit added.

In Rohit’s Words: The Road to the Final

In a separate interaction, Rohit delved into the meticulous preparation and team dynamics. He discussed the importance of role clarity, the team’s focus on their game, and the significance of maintaining a composed and positive attitude in the face of such a monumental challenge.

Pitch Skepticism

Adding an element of uncertainty, Rohit Sharma expressed scepticism about the Ahmedabad track for the final. Citing differences from the India vs. Pakistan game, he noted, “The wicket from India vs. Pakistan was a lot drier.” The captain remained unsure about the pitch’s behaviour in the final but expects it to be on the slower side.

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