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Air India makes adjustments to in-flight alcohol policy after urination episode

After a series of incidents involving ‘drunk’ and unruly passengers, including the detestable urination episode on New York to Delhi flight in November, Air India on Tuesday announced that it has made “some adjustments” to the existing in-flight alcohol service policy.

“We have reviewed our existing in-flight alcohol service policy taking reference from other carriers’ practice and input from the US National Restaurants Association’s guidelines. These were largely in line with Air India’s existing practice, though some adjustments have been made for better clarity, and NRA’s Traffic Light system included to help crew recognise and manage possible cases of intoxication,” Air India spokesperson said.

“The new policy has now been promulgated to crew and included in training curricula. Air India remains committed to the safety and well-being of our passengers and cabin crew, including but not limited to the responsible service of alcohol,” the statement added.

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Earlier in the day, Air India said it had closed the internal probe into the case and will assist the flight’s pilot-in-command with an appeal against the suspension of his license by Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) as the airline deems the action as “excessive”.

Meanwhile, the aviation watchdog imposed a fine of 10 lakh on Air India for not reporting twin incidents of passengers’ misbehaviour on board an AI-142 flight from Paris to New Delhi on December 6 last year.

This is the second penalty imposed on the airline. Just four days ago, the DGCA had imposed a 30 lakh fine over the New York-Delhi flight incident.

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