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Ahead Of Indias Title Clash With Australia, Sadhguru Shares Winning Mantra For Men In Blue

As the Indian team advances to the ICC Cricket World Cup finals, an unprecedented wave of sports fervor has swept across the nation. With resounding support for the “Men in Blue,” the focus has shifted to discussions and contemplations on securing victory in the final match, capturing the thoughts and conversations of all those backing the team.

In a video, shared on Sadhguru’s social media handles, a person asked Sadhguru for a tip for the Indian Cricket Team to bring the World Cup back. Responding in his inimitable style, Sadhguru said, “Don’t try to win the Cup, just hit the damn ball! If you think of this 1 billion people baying for the Cup, you will miss the ball, or if you think of all the other fanciful things that will happen if you win the World Cup, the ball will knock off your wickets.”

“So, how to win this World Cup? Don’t think about that. How to hit the damn ball? How to knock off the opposition’s wickets. That’s all you have to think about. Don’t think about the World Cup. Then you will knock off the World Cup,” he said.

Sadhguru, who will be watching the match at Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, in his social media message said, “What a spectacular run for Team Bharat! Our cricket team has taken the game to a completely new level-10 out of 10, unheard of! With exemplary captaincy and spectacular performances by individual players, records galore along the way, this formidable team should have no concerns about the finals.”

Sharing his suggestion with the team, Sadhguru said, “The important thing is, we never take the opposition lightly, nor do we bother with who they are. Our concern is how to play the game to the fullest, and I am confident our boys will do just that, bringing pride and joy to the entire country.”

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