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AAP opposes Centre, says ‘One Nation, One Election proposal unconstitutional, against principles of democracy’

New Delhi: What may further escalate the war or words between Delhi’s ruling Aam Aadmi Party and the Centre, the former has strongly opposed the proposal of ‘One Nation, One Election’, calling it “unconstitutional” and ”against the principles of democracy.” The Arvind Kejriwal-led party held a press conference on Monday during which it said that the Centre’s proposal is a ”front to legitimise BJP`s alleged ‘Operation Lotus’ and legalise the sale and purchase of MLAs.”

Addressing the press conference, senior AAP leader and MLA Atishi said, “If no party gets a majority, then MLAs and MPs can elect CMs and PM through a direct presidential-style vote.” 


Delhi’s ruling party has submitted a 12-page reply to National Law Commission, highlighting its concerns against the proposal for One Nation One Election. The Parliament has the power to amend the Constitution. Still, it cannot alter its basic structure, as held by a 13 judge-bench of SC in the landmark judgement of Kesavananda Bharati case, the AAP MLA said.

Training her guns at the BJP-led dispensation at the Centre, Atishi said, “The basic structure of the constitution warrants the country a parliamentary form of democracy. The legislature can scrutinise the government through questions, resolutions, no-confidence motions, adjournment motions and debates. The government lasts until the time it has the confidence of the house. But in the One Nation One Election plan, this whole concept gets altered.”

The AAP MLA said that if the proposal is cleared then the resource-and-cash-rich parties will suppress the issues of states with the help of money and muscle power, and also the decision of voters will be affected if simultaneous elections of the Lok Sabha and assemblies are held.



“The elections are held simultaneously then state-centric issues will get absolved from the public discourse because it will become a game controlled by powerful and resource-rich parties,” the AAP spokesperson stated. 

“There are patterns that indicate that various sections of the society vote for two completely different parties in the state and centre elections. Elections rather than being a democratic exercise will become a game of money and muscle. This process will replace the Parliamentary system in its spirit and principle” she continued.

Atishi also said, “By introducing the “constructive vote of no-confidence”, simultaneous elections will undermine democracy and the people`s right to elect their representatives and hold them accountable. In today`s situation, elections are held again and the people have the right to take their decision again. And the public can elect a new government by voting again. But in the `One Nation, One Election` system, people will have to wait till the next election.”

“There is another very dangerous thing in this proposal which is called ‘Constructive vote of no confidence’ i.e. if any government falls after a no-confidence motion, then the same Chief Minister or Prime Minister will remain in his post until someone else forms his government. This means that governments can run for many years despite not having a majority in the House, as elections can only be held after five years,” she added.

The MLA said, “The Proposed mechanism for selection of PM/CM in case of hung parliament/assembly is impractical, dangerous and will lead to the institutionalised defection of legislators. The most dangerous aspect of the proposal of `One Nation, One Election` is that `if suppose no one`s government is formed or no party gets majority then how will the Prime Minister or Chief Minister be elected. Because elections can be held only after 5 years, in this situation, buying and selling of MLAs will be legal and constitutional.”

She concluded by saying.”Overall, to save Rs 5,000 crore rupees in 5 years i.e. to save the expenditure of one thousand crore rupees in one year, the democracy of our country, and the people`s rule are being put in danger today. Aam Aadmi Party strongly opposes this proposal of `One Nation, One Election`. It is unconstitutional and it is against the principle of democracy.”

The response from the Arvind Kejriwal-led party has come a month after the Law Commission issued a public notice seeking comments from stakeholders, including political parties and the Election Commission, on the proposal to hold simultaneous elections in the country.

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